Vytautas the Great Army Command and Staff Course (ACSC)

Vytautas the Great Army Command and Staff Course (ACSC) is the only institution in the Baltic states for training army senior staff officers. To be eligible for the general courses offered by the Baltic Defence College in Tartu or equivalent courses in foreign countries, officers must complete the ASCS, the highest-level tactical course.

The 4-month course is designed to train Lithuanian officers; however, Latvian, Estonian, Georgian, Ukrainian, and Moldovan officers are accepted as well. According to the bilateral agreement, a Latvian instructor annually joins the ACSC teaching staff.

The course is conducted in English once or twice a year.

Requirements for applicants

An applicant for the course is required to have the rank of Captain (Captain Lieutenant), military service experience of at least 6 years from the day of the first commissioning and at least 4 years of military service until retirement. Also, an officer must present a national security clearance, preferably NATO SECRET. The English language proficiency should be not lower than 2222 according to STANAG 6001.

During the selection process, military service in the positions of company commander or battalion/brigade staff officer is considered as an advantage.


The ACSC program includes Battalion and Brigade Operations, Tactics, Theories of International and National Security, Project Management, Leadership, Military Ethics, Theory of War, International Humanitarian Law, Military Administration and Military Training. Lectures are delivered by the instructors and lecturers of the Military Academy of Lithuania, officers and specialists of the Lithuanian National Defence System as well as foreign guest speakers.


The officers who have graduated from the Vytautas Magnus officers' courses, successfully continue their careers in the Lithuanian Land Forces or other units of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Within a few years, most of the course graduates are being appointed to the leading management positions.

The officers who have successfully completed the training program are being awarded with the course badges and certificates.

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