The Senate of the Academy shall be a collegial advisory body to the Commandant of the Academy, which shall contribute to the achievement of the Academy’s purpose, tasks and functions in the fields of university studies and research.
The Senate shall:
Make proposals to the Commandant of the Academy on:
  • the development and implementation of study programmes, research, its monitoring and results, and the quality and level of the Academy’s scientific activities;
  • the Statute of the Academy, the rules of research and studies and the internal rules of the Academy and their improvement;
  • the internal quality assurance system for science and studies;
  • the qualification requirements for the posts of lecturers and researchers, the procedure for the certification of lecturers and researchers and the procedure for the organisation of recruitment competitions;
  • the conferment of honorary and other titles and the status of associate researcher or lecturer;
  • the topics, objectives and deadlines for research related to studies.
Perform other functions prescribed by the Statute of the Academy, and carry out the instructions of the Commandant of the Academy.