Reserve Platoon Commander Course (RPCC)

The Reserve Platoon Commander Course (RPCC) focuses on training reserve infantry platoon commanders capable of performing their peacetime duties and tasks.


The RPCC lasts for 23 weeks. A combined training model includes 20 weeks of distance learning for theoretical material and 3 weeks for practical training to put theoretical knowledge into practice.


The course accepts the servicemen of the National Defence Volunteer Force qualified as section commanders and soldiers serving in other units and having the experience of service of at least 2 years in the position of section commander and who are eligible for the position requiring infantry commander qualification or acting as platoon commanders or equivalent positions.


After successful completion of the RPCC training programme and exam, the RPCC participants receive reserve platoon commander qualification. The servicemen who have higher education (Bachelor or equivalent) may be awarded the rank of Reserve Lieutenant.

Center for Competence Assessment and Recruitment