Research commissioned by MND

The researchers of General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania carry out the research projects of the National Defence System funded by the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania. These are research and experimental development projects designed to meet the needs of the National Defence System.

Projects in progress

Fights for Freedom and Military History of Lithuania (2019–2023)
Aim: to substantially deepen the scientific knowledge of the struggles for the freedom of Lithuania and the history of the Lithuanian warfare; to provide significant scientific, cognitive and applied information to the Lithuanian Armed Forces, academic and general public in Lithuania and abroad about the struggles for Lithuania’s independence from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, Balts warfare, struggles against Nazi and Soviet occupations, general history of the interwar and modern Lithuanian Armed Forces and its separate units and to strengthen historical self-awareness.
Project Manager
Dr. Gintautas Surgailis
Sociological Research on the Development of the Lithuanian Armed Forces in the Changing International Security Environment (2019–2023)
Aim: to ensure the continuity of systematic applied research on the development of the Lithuanian Armed Forces launched in 2003. The research investigate and monitor the impact of changes in defence policy and the society on the adaptability of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, their purpose and ensuring their functioning by identifying their problems and providing recommendations based on research results.
Project Manager
Dr. Vida Česnuitytė
The Development of the Resilience and Power of the Lithuanian Society for Civil Defence (2019–2021)
Aim: to comprehensively study the causes and identify the factors influencing the resilience of modern Lithuanian society and its civic power to defend itself against modern threats to the national security of the state, and to provide scientific insights into the possibilities for the development of this power.
Project Manager
Prof. Dr. Audronė Petrauskaitė
The Impact of Transatlantic Security and Defence Processes on National Security and Defence of Lithuania as a Small State (2021–2022)
Aim: to consistently and systematically study the changes taking place in the transatlantic area related to the national security and defence policy of countries important to Lithuania, as well as the processes of international and regional organizations that potentially have or will have an impact on the state’s national security and defence.
Project Manager
Dr. Ringailė Kuokštytė
Feasibility Study on the Establishment of a Comprehensive State Defence System (Integration of Non-military and Military Defense Components) (2021–2022)
Aim: to assess how currently incomplete systems (crisis management, mobilization, civil resistance, strengthening the resilience of society and citizens, civil protection, etc.) could be integrated into a single, coherent comprehensive defence system combining both armed and unarmed defence.
Project Manager
Prof. Dr. Alvydas Šakočius
Application of Distance Learning Systems as a Solution for Future Officer Training in the Lithuanian Armed Forces (2021–2022)
Aim: to examine what specific distance learning measures and their extent should/could be used in officer training to develop officers’ professional competences and essential qualities in the 21st century such as critical thinking, creativity, ability to communicate and cooperate and integrated into the military training programmes of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.
Project Manager
Prof. Dr. Aidas Vasilis Vasiliauskas
Feasibility Study on the Development and Implementation of the Field Training Short-range Air Defence Systems RBS-70 and GROM in the Lithuanian Air Force (2021–2022)
Aim: to assess the possibilities and future perspectives of the development and installation of field training equipment for short-range air defence systems RBS-70 and GROM for the Lithuanian Air Force aircrafts (as targets).
Project Manager
Simonas Aleksandravičius
Partisan Struggles in Lithuania in 1944-1953: Experiences and Lessons (2022–2023)
Aim: to thoroughly analyze relevant historical issues related to partisan struggles in Lithuania, legal aspects of armed resistance, experience of partisan intelligence, counterintelligence, and operational security, participation of Lithuanian officers in the resistance movement, issues of suppression of partisan struggle, etc.
Project Manager
Dr. Darius Juodis