Political Science

Doctoral studies focus on preparing researchers capable of independently carrying out research and experimental development work and solving scientific problems.
Field of science: Social Sciences
Field of study: Political Science
The qualification scientific degree awarded: Doctor of Political Science
Form of study and duration: full-time (4 years) and part-time (6 years)
Minimum required qualification: Master’s degree or its equivalent
Doctoral studies allow students not only to study, broaden specific theoretical and methodological knowledge in different seminars and internships and carry out independent research but also to participate in research projects, give lectures and seminars to cadets and students.

Organization of Doctoral Studies
To have the right to run doctoral studies, General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania along with Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas University of Technology and Klaipėda University signed a joint agreement and submitted an application to the Ministry of Education and Science on 19 January 2011. The approved application enabled the four universities to launch joint doctoral studies in political science in the academic year 2011–2012.
Appointed by the consensus of doctoral institutions, Vytautas Magnus University administers the course of the doctoral studies.
Starting with the academic year 2012–2013, the Military Academy of Lithuania has been annually receiving state-funded doctoral seats.
Doctoral studies are supervised by a doctoral committee of 12 researchers.
Doctoral Committee for Political Science of Doctoral Institutions is responsible for the content, quality, organisation, and execution of doctoral studies.
General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania is a doctoral institution where a doctoral student studies, conducts research and prepares doctoral dissertation.
Research Project Support Section is a unit of the doctoral institution, i.e., General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania, that coordinates and organises doctoral process.
Doctoral Committee for Political Science at General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania supervises doctoral students’ course of study, provides methodological assistance and conclusions on the results of doctoral studies and research, and organises initial considerations of dissertations.
Defence of Dissertations
Doctoral dissertations are defended, and the degree is awarded by the Board of Defence for Dissertations on Political Science. It is formed for the defence of a particular dissertation.
All the required documents to be submitted prior to the defence of dissertations are specified in the guidelines for doctoral students.

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