Platoon Commander Course (PCC)

The purpose of the Platoon Commander Course (PCC) is to acquire the qualification of a platoon commander in order to perform the duties a platoon commander (officer). The officers of professional military service with higher education can apply to the PCC. Candidates who want to apply to the PCC must participate in the selection process.
The PCC are organised once a year.


The Platoon Commander Course (PCC) lasts for 20 weeks, including 4 weeks for section commander course and 16 weeks for platoon commander training.

All candidates undergo the selection process. The candidates who have passed the selection process and do not have the qualification of a department commander are sent to acquire this qualification at the Stasys Raštikis Lithuanian Armed Forces School (duration: 4 weeks).
The officers who have passed the PCC selection process and are qualified as department commanders are invited to become the participants of the Platoon Commander Course.
The PCC takes place on working days, i.e., 5 days a week during daily service, except for field exercises or at a time specified by the Commandant of the Military Academy of Lithuania.
Field exercises take place under the military service conditions of the barracks regime without providing rest time for service. The classes are held daily and last for 8 hours (7 hours on Fridays). The duration of one theoretical session is an hour and a half (2 academic hours).
After theoretical and practical exercises, the participants have time for self-study or tasks.

After successful completion of the PCC, the participants obtain platoon commander qualification, and they are commissioned as Second Lieutenants.

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