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The Military Academy of Lithuania is preparing the Seminar on Leadership

2023 12 08

General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania pays a lot of attention and dedicates significant resources to Leader Development of future Lithuanian Officers. In this respect it conducts numerous events to support this significant aspect of Military Academy’s Mission and update the related curriculum. The Military Academy is preparing the Seminar on Leadership in order to examine the needed changes in leadership and leader development concepts when changing the focus from Non-Article 5 Crisis Response Operations to Homeland Defense and Collective Defense Operations.
The issue is related to the changing focus of the tasks of the Lithuanian Military. Till recently it was a position to choose fights by deploying or not deploying forces onto operations outside Lithuania. Especially with the start of the large-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine and Belarus the situation changed drastically – there are no longer have the luxury to choose whether to fight or not. We will have to fight and it is not up to us to choose the time or place.
Having in mind this significant change the Military Academy of Lithuania wants to examine whether we should adjust our leadership concepts or the way we develop leaders. To do this it will conduct a week-long Leadership Seminar with contributors from Lithuania and Allied nations.
The Seminar will take place 11–15 December 2023 at General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania. During the Seminar participants intend to address the most current developments in leadership theory, engage Unit Commanders to discuss leadership challenges, examine Russian military leadership concepts, consider Ukrainian Armed Forces frontline military leadership observations, and discuss the ways to further improve Leader Development at Military Academies.
The Military Academy of Lithuania also invited distinguished serving and retired military professionals to share their views on the subject. The contributors will be present at the Seminar venue physically or through VTC. The moderator of the event is US Army Major General (Ret.) John L. Gronski, former Commander, 28th Infantry Division. The attendees of the Seminar are Military Academy Cadets, Land Force and Air Force Career Course Students, Military Academy Faculty, invited Unit Commanders and guests from partner Military Academies.
Photos by Eimantas Genys