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‘Your role is definitely very important,’ stressed the President of the Republic of Lithuania, addressing the cadets

2023 12 21

The Christmas period is the period spent with the family, relatives, friends and like-minded people. The Christmas mood is already present in General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania, and the community is happy to share this mood with the guests and to wait for holidays together.
The President of the Republic of Lithuania, Mr Gitanas Nausėda, visited the Academy on 21 December. The Academy’s employees and cadets feel close to him because all of them are serving the Homeland and its people responsibly. This visit served as an excellent opportunity to present the activities of the Lithuanian Military Academy to this honourable guest. The Commandant of the Academy, Brig. Gen. Almantas Leika and his deputies introduced the Academy’s priorities and tasks, i.e. the goals of the pedagogical and military personnel, and the main objective of the cadets who have chosen an officer’s profession and who study at the Academy.
The current relevant issues of the Lithuanian Armed Forces were presented to the President of the Republic of Lithuania during the meeting by Vice Minister of National Defence, Ms Greta Monika Tučkutė, and the Commander of the Land Forces of the Lithuanian Army, Brig. Gen. Artūras Radvilas. Addressing the cadets, the President said:
‘Today, the soldier’s profession is acquiring a new meaning. We understand that we will feel free and independent only as much as we stay strong and united. Safety has to be safeguarded inside the country, first of all. For this purpose, we need a strong and modern army, strong and devoted citizens. Your role is definitely very important for the country. I respect your profession and the choice you have made. I believe that Lithuania will always have loyal, resolute and professional cadets devoted to their homeland and aiming with strong determination at becoming leading officers.’
He discussed the challenges and leadership with the future officers. The participants of the Junior Officer Command Training conducted in the Lithuanian Military Academy, the higher education students, were also invited to the meeting. They shared their plans to become officers and confirmed their resolution to defend their Homeland.
The festive mood was brought to the meeting by the Academy’s choir ‘Cadet’.
The participants confirmed that they were waiting for the traditional holidays that unite and gather everyone into a family, if it is not too bold to say. Therefore, the Academy’s community spent the Advent afternoon sharing the prayer, Christmas wafers, wishes and greetings with the guests. The blessing by the Archbishop, Ordinary of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Mr Gintaras Grušas gave the strength so needed to accept the challenges that demand responsibility and courage.
Photos by Eimantas Genys