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Cooperation between military academies of the Baltic states in the preparation of officers is being developed

2023 09 12

The management of the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania took part in the annual seminar of heads of the military academies of three Baltic states held in Tartu city, Estonia on 6 September.
During the meeting, the Commandant of the Academy, Brig. Gen. Almantas Leika, the Commandant of the Estonian Military Academy, Brig. Gen. Vahur Karus and the Commandant of the National Defence Academy of Latvia, Col. Maris Utinans signed the cooperation agreement in the fields of military education, university studies and research. They discussed the latest and the most important achievements of the academies, and the most relevant issues of international cooperation.
In the agreement it is planned to encourage mobility of academic staff and cadets that would grant the opportunity to organise seminars, conferences and other important events together and to share the results achieved. It is important for students to become familiar with each other and cooperate during the studies.
This annual event, which has already become a tradition, is organised in one of the Baltic states every year according to the principle of rotation. Its purpose is to develop cooperation in the field of higher military education, to discuss changes in the training of officers and challenges encountered, and to share experience in training future and serving officers.
To learn more about the experience of other countries, the Lithuanian Military Academy is paying special attention to international cooperation and is developing relations with foreign educational institutions in the field of higher education and research. It is organising discussions on the topics relevant for cadets and officers, searching for effective modes and how to update the study and military training programmes. It is also conducting joint international research, implementing exchange programmes of professors and students, organising conferences and publishing joint scientific publications.
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