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Celebrating the Lithuanian Armed Forces Day

2022 11 23

On 23 November, commemorating the 104th anniversary of the restored Lithuanian army, the community of General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania participated in the solemn celebration events in the city of Vilnius.
The cadets, lined up in the Cathedral Square holding the Academy’s battle flag, marched in the parade along Gediminas Avenue carrying the flags of NATO countries. During the ceremony and Holy Mass, the Academy’s choir “Kariūnas” sang in the Lithuanian armed forces’ church of St Ignatius. Soldiers and employees of the Military Academy of Lithuania watched the procession and enjoyed the festive moments together.
In commemoration of the anniversary of the restored Lithuanian army, the freedom fighters and soldiers who gave their lives for the Motherland, as well as the highest commanders of the partisan resistance, were honoured with the Minute of Silence. Soldiers of the Honour Guard Company fired volleys of honour dedicated to the “Lithuanian State!”, “Lithuanian Armed Forces!” and “NATO Allies and Partners!”.
Source: Military Academy of Lithuania and Lithuanian Armed Forces
Photos by Eimantas Genys