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The Military Academy of Lithuania has partaken in the initiative for a short-term exchange of young officers

2022 04 25

On April 18–23, the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania (MAL) welcomed the cadets from Latvian, Spanish, and Italian military academies who participated in a temporary exchange of young officers in fulfillment of the European Initiative for the Exchange of Young Officers (EMILYO).
For the first time MAL has joined in the module of short-term studies. This time the guests, foreign cadets, consolidated their knowledge of the fundamentals of cybersecurity. Prof. Dr. Aušrius Juozapavičius at MAL taught classes related to their studies and supervised their educational process.
The completion ceremony of the Common Module in Cybersecurity was held on April 22. At this ceremony, Vice-Rector for Studies and Research Mantas Bileišis spoke of the prospects of academic studies at MAL, and Prof. Dr. Aušrius Juozapavičius offered fresh insights as to the first-time implemented Common Module. The completion certificates for this Module were awarded at the end of the meeting.
MAL as a military institution participates in the various exchange programs. Its cadets go abroad to study under the Erasmus+ student exchange program, while the cadets of other military academies arrive at MAL.
Not all educational establishments are yet able to attune the long-term studies of their departments abroad; therefore, the Academy has joined in one of the EMILYO (The European Initiative for the Exchange of Young Officers under the Erasmus+ program) activities – that is, the short-term studies program for young officers from various military training institutions of different countries. This program attempts to impart in a highly condensed manner knowledge to foreign cadets about the fundamentals of studies unique to every military institution.
The short-term exchange of cadets at MAL came to fruition: learning under auspicious conditions, foreign cadets benefited a good deal from new knowledge of cybersecurity.
Photo credit: MAL