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Security of the Baltic region is discussed by participants of international courses at the Military Academy of Lithuania

2022 11 15

On 15 November, the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania launched courses led by the top commanders of the Baltic Defence College, organised by the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Group of the Ministry of National Defence.
During the training until 22 November, the participants will discuss the most relevant issues of adaptation of the military alliance NATO to today’s situation, and the security perspectives of the Baltic region.
The organisers, noting the threat posed by the Russian military aggression against Ukraine to Euro-Atlantic security, encourage the participants to explore the current NATO strategy and policies related to the security and defence of the Baltic region, and share their insights.
The Commandant of the Military Academy of Lithuania Brig Gen Almantas Leika, welcoming the participants, noted that taking part in these courses has become even more important recently. “This year, the attitude towards Russia has changed and it has begun to be seen as a threat to the security of NATO member states,” the General pointed out and encouraged to discuss what could be expected in the future, what security architecture would look like when the war in Ukraine ended. “After all, have we, as individual states or members of international organisations, done enough in the context of this conflict, what should we have done differently and what else could we do?”
During the training, discussions are ongoing on the aspects of political and military adaptation of NATO – the organisation’s deterrence and defence policy and adaptation in the Baltic region, response to hybrid attacks and possible scenarios, what NATO can learn from Ukraine and what measures to manage a military crisis would be implemented.
The course aims to provide senior leaders with the opportunity to better assess the challenges of the future by providing a broader strategic vision and improving their ability to lead and manage relevant institutions. The discussions organised will help the participants to exchange new ideas, placing more focus on the security problems of the Baltic region.

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