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Baltic Air Force Staff Officers receive advanced training at the Military Academy of Lithuania

2022 12 16

On 16 December, the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania hosted a graduation ceremony for Air Force Staff Officers. The 21 graduates (10 from Lithuania, 5 from Latvia and 6 from Estonia) are now ready to take up leadership positions in the Air Force or other staffs.
Chief of Staff of the Lithuanian Air Force Col. Raimundas Germanas and Commander of the Latvian Air Force Col. Viesturs Masulis presented them with certificates and badges of completion. The officers were also congratulated by the Commandant of the Academy, Brig. Gen. Almantas Leika and Chief of the Military Studies Group Col. Mantas Paškevičius, as well as the representatives of the Estonian Embassy, Lithuanian Armed Forces units, lecturers and instructors who attended the ceremony.
This year, the best participant in the course was Lithuanian officer Capt. Jolita Kazakeviciute, and the best written paper and the highest academic results were achieved by Capt. Andrius Amelynas.
The main objective of the Air Force Staff Officers’ course is to train Air Force Staff Officers by developing their ability to analyse and plan military air operations at component level. The 17-week course provides advanced training for officers of the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian Air Forces (AF).
The curriculum is based on NATO doctrine, taking into account the education, military background, requirements, perspectives, challenges and aspirations of the Baltic States’ AF Commanders.
The curriculum was designed to provide the participants with a political science background that is relevant to the current events and today’s political and global security situation. The participants also went on educational trips to Lithuanian and German, Latvian and Estonian Air Force units, and attended lectures by Lithuanian and visiting foreign Air Force instructors.
Photos: Irena Gataveckienė