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The Centre for Defence Innovations at the Military Academy of Lithuania

2020 09 03

“Up to now, the Centre for Defence Innovations was a missing part in the systemic development of defence innovations in Lithuania. Despite several initiatives, conferences, events and discussions, there was not a single all-encompassing centre that could bring all the interested parties around a table“, said Mr. Simonas Aleksandravičius, Head of the Centre for Defence Innovations.
The Centre for Defence Innovations is the first centre of competence of its kind in the National Defence System. It was established on 1 December 2020 at General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania to perform the following main functions:
- to spread the knowledge of military innovations in the Lithuanian Armed Forces;
- to identify and systematize the innovation needs in the Lithuanian Armed Forces;
- to create a platform for businesses to present their initiatives on defence;
- to develop a defence innovation ecosystem in Lithuania.
In the words of Mr. Simonas Aleksandravičius, the emergence of a clear structure for the promotion and development of innovations in the National Defence System will allow a possibility to inform  businesses and scientific community of the necessary innovations for the Lithuanian Armed Forces and vice versa, the servicemen will become aware of the high technologies Lithuanian businesses develop, especially when they have much to offer.
During the past several years, Mr. Simonas Aleksandravičius worked for the Enterprise Lithuania, a non-profit agency under the Ministry of Economy and Innovation and was responsible for export promotion of Lithuanian high-tech companies; organized events, conferences and an international forum on defence; was in charge of the stand of the Lithuanian defence companies in the international military and security exhibition DSEI 2019 in London, United Kingdom.
Photo credit: Eimantas Genys