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German instructor shares experience at the Air Force Command and Staff Course

2019 10 10

On October 7–11, General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania (MAL) welcomes Lieutenant Colonel Jens Deppner, instructor of the Joint Air Operations Centre Uedem, Germany. The guest was invited by the initiative of Lieutenant Colonel Marius Matulaitis, Director of the Air Force Command and Staff Course (AFCSC).
Lieutenant Colonel Deppner shared his experience of air operations gained during the long-term service at the CASPOA – NATO Air Operations Centre of Excellence in Lion, France. The instructor presented lectures, conducted exercises and assigned the students team tasks. At the end of the training, the students received evaluations of their knowledge and progress.
To make the AFCSC efficient and interesting, the AFCSC invites lecturers and instructors from different NATO countries. Throughout its duration, the AFCSC has hosted guests from Germany, Norway, Great Britain, Poland, Croatia, Canada, the Netherlands, etc. Such a diversity of teaching staff broadens students’ intellectual horizons and enables them to achieve a better understanding of the mindset of the people of different states. Also, it ensures a more productive collaboration and a better coordination of the course organization at the MAL.
The AFCSC thanks Lieutenant Colonel Jens Deppner for a close cooperation and a significant contribution to the AFCSC students training.
Photo credit: MAL