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Open Doors Day: presentation of the Academy and studies for cadets

2018 04 26

On 20 April, The General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania opened its doors to the public to showcase Lithuanian officer leader training and education.
The visitors were invited to the presentations on university and military training programmes and admission requirements, excursions to the Cadet Battalion to see cadets’ living and studying environment, sports complex, officers’ club and museum. All the interested could try their hand at indoor shooting simulator and examine French and German allies’ military equipment and weapons. The guests were entertained by the choir Kariūnas (Cadet) and cadets’ rock band Vytis. At the end of the programme, cadets staged a live demonstration of military operation.
In his welcoming address, Commandant Brigadier General Algis Vaičeliūnas noted that even though the Academy is open to the public, it still seems mysterious and exceptional to some. ‘It is a university where you can achieve more than you think. As the Commandant of the Academy, I would like to encourage you to trust us and join us for a shoulder to shoulder stand. We will help you to achieve more and become leaders, qualified professionals and loyal defenders of our country,’ said the general.
Senior secondary school students were primarily interested in the selection procedures, study programmes, admission requirements and especially cadets’ hands-on experience of their daily routine, studies and future prospects.
Studies at the Military Academy of Lithuania
The Military Academy of Lithuania is the only university-type institution of higher education training and educating well-rounded, critically-thinking and self-sufficient officers. High-quality training and education is ensured by effectively combining university and military studies based on modern teaching methods, scientific researches and professional competence of lecturers, instructors and other academic personnel.
Upon the completion of state-funded studies, the graduates acquire higher education, platoon commander qualification and they are commissioned as second lieutenants.
During the academic year 2018–2019, the Military Academy of Lithuania will offer the following 3 Bachelor study programmes: Management of Defence Technologies, International Relations and National Security and Defence. Students will gain professional knowledge and skills in the fields of management, political science and public security. The Bachelor studies (3.5 years) provide general university education, high quality theoretical background and professional skills.
The Bachelor study programmes are designed not only for future officers but also for reserve servicemen or civilians working in public or private sector. Experts claim that the studies are relevant and attractive to Lithuanian youth due to distinctive aspects other universities do not have. Cadets are taught by highly qualified Lithuanian and foreign lecturers.
To increase the role in the international arena, the Academy participates in the international student exchange programmes (e.g. Erasmus+) allowing Lithuanian cadets to broaden their knowledge and experience.
Besides their university and military studies, cadets are also engaged in cultural, sports and public activities. They sing in a choir Kariūnas (Cadet), rock band Vytis, attend dancing classes, enhance their physical fitness in a sports complex or master their military intelligence skills at a scout club.
All the graduates get appointments in the professional military service.
Photo credit by the MAL