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Lecture series on security studies by a Swedish expert

2018 02 21

To promote internationalization and enhance study quality, the Military Academy of Lithuania welcomes a Swedish expert Dr. Anke Schmidt-Felzmann. From February 19 to March 7, the guest delivers lectures on security studies to the cadets studying International Relations.
The intensive course includes the main concepts and theoretical perspectives of security studies, understanding of the evolution of security studies as a discipline, security problems and dilemmas and analysis of particular security policy problems in different sectors, certain regional arenas and within a range of global settings.
Dr. Anke Schmidt-Felzmann applies student-centred approach based on the latest scientific researches by involving students in the process of understanding current security problems and creating scenario-based decision-making.
Dr. Anke Schmidt-Felzmann is a Baltic Sea Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia (USA) and Foreign and Security Policy Research Fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs. The researcher holds a Phd in Political Science from the University of Glasgow. She gives lectures at the universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Maastricht, and Stockholm, publishes scientific and analytical articles in different analytical centres and actively participates in major events addressing security issues in Europe and the USA.
Photo courtesy of the MAL