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African studies: an exclusive course in Lithuania for the cadets

2018 05 14

In cooperation with the consultancy platform AfriKo incorporated in Lithuania, on May 14, the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania welcomed Dr. Daniel E. Agbiboa, Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at the U.S. George Mason University. The guest lecturer will deliver an exclusive course in Lithuania on African studies to the cadets of International Relations.
The 2-week course will address political, social, economic and ethnic development of Sub-Saharan Africa, ongoing political and military conflicts and their causes. The topics are relevant to Lithuania due to its increasing involvement in peacekeeping missions in Africa together with other European countries and enhancing military cooperation with France, Germany and Southern European countries.
Professor Dr. Daniel Agbiboa is the author of over 50 scientific articles and book sections on terrorism and political violence in Nigeria, conflict dynamics in Sub-Sahara, corruption and post-conflict situations. He received research awards and grants at the universities of Cambridge, Columbia and Oxford.
Photo credit: MAL