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Training course at the NATO Military Engineering Centre of Excellence

2017 11 30

On 20–24 November, Capt Algirdas REVAITIS, Senior Instructor at the Basic Officer Training Course attended the international NATO Tactical Military Engineering Course (NTMEC) at the NATO Military Engineering Centre of Excellence in Ingolstadt, Germany. The NTMEC is designed for developing military engineering specialist skills to plan engineering support in NATO-led military and crisis management operations.
All the NTMEC participants had a unique opportunity to enhance their knowledge of engineering support in NATO operations planning by learning from the experience of international military engineering experts from the Military Engineering Centre of Excellence, NATO Allied Joint Force Command and NATO Response Force in Italy. They shared their experience of planning and performing operations and presented planning products enabling tactical commanders to make necessary decisions. The NTMEC participants practised to plan engineering support for NATO operations based on NATO standards and operations planning directives and resolutions.
In the words of Capt Revaitis, the scenario-based training in syndicates involved planning an operation in Africa. First, the NTMEC attendees had to carry out the strategic assessment of operational environment. The engineering specialists examined crisis area infrastructure to make a safe entrance for friendly forces, ensure mobility and stability and identify potential obstacles. The second task required practical analysis of facts in cycles (fact–assumption–conclusion) to assess the factors of unknown operational environment and find the most appropriate means to reduce the identified risks prior to the deployment of NATO forces in the crisis area. For the third task the NTMEC participants had to develop a NATO-funded project on force protection, operational environment maintenance, infrastructure development and other elements of military engineering. The task was performed with reference to NATO documents regulating the structure of the NATO Security Investment Programme.
Instructor Capt Revaitis will use the new theoretical knowledge and practical skills during the military engineering lectures for cadets and officers.
NTMEC participants (Capt Revaitis third on the left, third row)