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Lecturers enhance active teaching methods

2017 08 14

By the invitation of the Baltic Defence College, the lecturers of The General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania participated in a 3-day seminar on the application of active teaching methods. The seminar featured the Auburn University Professor James E. Groccia who has considerable experience of lecturers’ professional development worldwide.
The seminar addressed advanced teaching methods focusing on small and large group teaching. Professor Groccia’s special attention to feedback during teaching process enabled the participants to recognize its significance once again.
Professor Rasa Smaliukienė and Associate Professor Svajonė Bekešienė had a unique opportunity to evaluate the efficiency of the methods they apply, the significance of group dynamics in teaching process and different feedback techniques.
Lecturers’ professional development is one of the top priorities of the Military Academy of Lithuania for continuous study quality improvement.
Prof. Rasa Smaliukienė
Head of the Department of Management