National Security and Defence

The study programme is designed to prepare national security and defence specialists having comprehensive knowledge of modern internal and external threats and challenges to the state, capable of analysing them and making appropriate threat management and prevention decisions in their work or service in public security organizations or institutions.
Field of study group: Social Sciences (from the admission of 2022 – Public Security Studies)
Field of study: Public Security (from the admission of 2022 – Defence Studies)
The qualification provided: Bachelor of Social Sciences (from the admission of 2022 – Bachelor of Public Security)
The state code of the study programme: 6121JX002 (from the admission of 2022 – 6121SX001)
The code of the study programme by The International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED): 6450310
Form of study: full-time
Duration of study: 3.5 years
The volume of the programme in credits (ECTS): 210
Accredited: until 17th of January 2030

Head of programme
Prof. Dr. Alvydas Šakočius