Military Diplomacy

The study programme is designed to prepare experts capable of analysing international security processes and international conflicts by applying different perspectives and methodologies of international relations and conflicts, proposing adequate solutions, and basing on acquired skills of diplomacy theory and research.
Field of study group: Social Sciences
Field of study: Political Science
The qualification provided: Master of Social Sciences
The state code of the study programme: 6211JX001
The code of the study programme by The International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED): 7470312
Form of study: part-time
Duration of study: 2 years
The volume of the programme in credits (ECTS): 120
The nearest provided accreditation by the Centre of the studies quality evaluation for the management field of studies: until 31st of May 2024

Head of programme
Lekt. Dr. Agnietė Žotkevičiūtė-Banevičienė