Magazine “Kariūnas” (“Cadet”)

The magazine “Kariūnas” (“Cadet”) published by General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania focuses on the important topics of the community, servicemen and cadets and addresses major topics in military studies. Here, the cadets tell how they are doing at the Academy, what exercises and challenges they experience during their studies, whereas researchers and lecturers go down in history, key events, studies, etc.
All the issues of the magazine can be found here >>>.

The first issue of the magazine “Kariūnas” was published by the Military School of the First President of Lithuania on 25 October 1932. It featured articles, poetry, illustrations, and information about the life of cadets. The second issue came out on 20 December 1932 with a note that it would be published every two months.
As the magazine corresponded to the spirit of that time and properly represented the Military School, it was popular since its very first issue not only among cadets. The “Kariūnas” enlivened the lives of cadets, upheld their traditions, and allowed them to envisage themselves as future commanders. The publication promoted the ideas of love for the Homeland, cultivated moral attitudes and respect for Lithuanian culture and religion; cadets were encouraged to be disciplined, courageous, hardworking, and exercised a lot.
The Soviet occupation of Lithuania in 1940 terminated the “Kariūnas”.
The publication of the magazine was resumed in 1995 after the restoration of the Independence of Lithuania with its Editor-in-Chief Colonel Stasys Puškorius. From 1995 to 1998, a total of 12 issues were put in print. Although “Kariūnas” was published irregularly, it reflected the life of the Military Academy and most relevant issues of concern to the whole community. The 12th issue of the magazine was the final one till its revival in August 2001. The first issue of the “Kariūnas” with colorful pages and covers appeared in March 2003. Since 2005, all the issues starting with No. 1 (84) are available through online access >>>. The spring 2009 saw the 100th issue of the “Kariūnas”.
Presently, the magazine is popular not only among the graduates, cadets, lecturers and the whole community of the Academy, the students at secondary schools and universities find it engaging as well. Furthermore, more and more Lithuanian and foreign readers discover the magazine.