Junior Officer Command Training (JOCT)

The Junior Officer Command Training (JOCT) is designed for higher education students and graduates wishing to have the rank of Reserve Second Lieutenant and join the Lithuanian Armed Forces as professional military service officers.


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To train Lithuanian army officers having theoretical military knowledge and practical skills necessary for leading a reserve platoon, knowing the particularities of company-level leadership, patriotic and capable of fighting.


The course lasts for 3 years. The training takes place every second weekend from September to June. Daily classes last for 8 hours. In summer, complex tactical field exercises last for 24 hours a day.


The course takes place at the Military Academy of Lithuania, Vilnius, and Lithuanian Grand Duke Butigeidis Dragon Battalion, Klaipėda.

The JOCT is open to higher education students and participants who are suitable for the course in accordance with the procedure established by national legislation.

The selection of candidates is organized by the Military Conscription and Recruitment Center of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.


The JOCT training programme includes Tactics, Weapons and Shooting, Military Engineering, Communications, Military Topography, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Security, Military Law, Medicine, Physical Training, Logistics, Military Administration, Leadership, Fundamentals of Military Training and Field Exercises.


After successful completion of the course, officers receive certificates and badges. Those who pass qualifying examination and have higher education are commissioned as reserve second lieutenants and are assigned to the reserve of military personnel with military specialization as motorized infantry.

Military Conscription and Recruitment Service