The Military Academy of Lithuania has been awarded the new Erasmus Charter for Higher Education
19 April 2021
Having evaluated the activities of General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania (MAL) in the Erasmus+ projects with a maximum of 100 evaluation points, the European Commission has awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027 (ECHE) to the MAL. The ECHE confirms that the MAL meets all the requirements and conditions set out by the European Commission to ensure proper functioning of the programme and high quality university studies and military training.
In the words of the MAL Institutional Erasmus+ Coordinator and Project Manager at the Division of Studies Management Ms. Evelina Miselienė, the ECHE will enable the MAL to continuously grow, to develop its internationality, to become more modern and to effectively pursue the objectives of the European higher education.
“As the only military university in Lithuania where university studies are harmoniously combined with the Basic Officer Training Course, we give priority to cooperation with other military schools of the EU and NATO allies. In the new phase of the Erasmus+ programme, we intend to continue our active participation in the networking of such higher education institutions, especially in the European Initiative for the Exchange of Military Young Officers (EMILYO) founded by the European External Action Service,” said Ms. Miselienė on the future plans of the MAL.
By signing the ECHE, the MAL has undertaken to adhere to the principles of the European cooperation in organizing and implementing international activities in the Erasmus+ projects. The Charter is necessary for organizing cadet and staff mobility as well as for implementing Erasmus+ strategic partnerships and other multilateral projects.
As increasing internationality is one of the priorities of the strategic directions determined by the MAL, it continuously develops mobility processes and international exchange.
The ECHE will allow the MAL to continue the work started on the EMILYO platform and to implement academic exchange through the digitalization of administrative processes and the new efficient digital Erasmus+ management model through the gradual introduction of the European Student Card initiative.
The participation of the MAL in the Erasmus+ exchange programme contributes to its modernization, study quality and greater visibility.