Defence Resource Management

The study programme is designed to prepare officers and civil servants capable of critically analysing and assessing the system of material, human and information resources required for the country’s defence on the basis of a synthesis of constantly updated knowledge and practical skills in management science; to plan and implement the solutions based on the principles of shared responsibility, sustainability and international cooperation in times of peace and war and ensuring proper functioning of the system.
Field of study group: Business and Public Management
Field of study: Management
The qualification provided: Master of Public Administration
The state code of the study programme: 6211LX098
The code of the study programme by The International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED): 7470413
Form of study: part-time
Duration of study: 2 years
The volume of the programme in credits (ECTS): 90
Accreditation: until 22th of January 2031

Head of programme
Dr. Gintaras Labutis