Commandant's Office

Sergeant Major
Sgt Maj Arūnas Daublys
Administrative Assistant
Neringa Gylytė
Virgilija Zinkevičiūtė
Antanas Jonušauskas
Vitalijus Vaikšnoras
Capt Dr. Mindaugas Sabonis

Objectives of the Commandant’s Office:
  • To collect, organize, analyze, and summarize the information received from the structural units of the Academy, Ministry of National Defence as well as other institutions of the Republic of Lithuania and foreign countries and present it to the Commandant;
  • To prepare university study programmes, to coordinate their implementation and to ensure the quality of studies;
  • To give recommendations to the Commandant on the issues regarding the service of cadets, soldiers (seamen) and non-commissioned officers;
  • To formulate and submit proposals to the top management of the Academy and institutions of the National Defence System regarding the international cooperation with partner countries in the field of defence.