Centre for Research Projects and Analysis

The mission of the Centre for Research Projects and Analysis
is to administer research projects supporting the studies, funded by the Ministry of National Defense,
coordinate national and international projects carried out by the Academy,
monitor and analyze results for the research and development projects.
Director of Centre
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Olga Navickienė
Tel. +370 706 84 591
E-mail [email protected]

The vision of the Centre for Research Projects and Analysis (CRPA) is a smooth development, administration and accounting process of the scientific and research activities implemented by the Academy.
Key objectives:
  • To ensure effective administration of the projects supporting studies and research projects;
  • To ensure effective coordination of research and experimental development (R&D) projects starting with consulting researchers on the issues relevant to project calls to the preparation of budget and other necessary documents when submitting a project application form;
  • To organize and carry out monitoring and analysis of the R&D activities of the MAL and its employees;
  • To provide the data of the MAL and its employees for the annual institutional assessment in Vieversys, the system for evaluation of results of research (art) activities;.
  • To coordinate the process of doctoral studies;
  • To process the data of the MAL’s employees in the information system of the Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library (eLABa);
  • To process the data of the MAL’s researchers and lecturers in the pedagogue register;
  • To fill in the timesheet of the MAL’s researchers and lecturers.
The CRPA was establish in September 2020.
The CRPA administers 8 research projects relevant to the National Defence System. Since 2021, the list of administered projects has been supplemented by 5 unique studies-supporting projects of the research programme “Security and Defence of Small States”: “Socio-Economic and Management Research in Security and Defence of Small States”, “Research on Logistics and Defence Technology Management in Small States”, “Global and National Governance: Institutional, Feminist and Communication Challenges”, “Research on the Management of Security and Defence Institutions in Small States”, “The Changing Security Environment in the Transatlantic Area” and “The Security Policy of the Small States of Central and Eastern Europe”.
Special attention is also paid to the promotion of international cooperation and the involvement of the MAL’s researchers in international externally funded R&D projects.
To learn more about the ongoing and completed projects, please go to the MAL’s website >>>.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Olga Navickienė, Head of the CRPA (CVORCID)
Elena Tamulevičienė, Advisor
Lina Česnulevičienė, Project Manager
Lina Drevinskienė, Project Manager
Ramunė Budrienė, Project Manager
Natalija Popkova, Project Manager
Justina Katinienė, Project Manager
Ieva Adomėlytė, Administrative Assistant
Let’s work together

You are kindly invited to contact us if you look for partners for joint national and/or international R&D projects, plan to undertake doctoral studies or have any other questions regarding our other activities.