Basic Officer Course (BOC)

The BOC is designed to prepare a tactically and technically proficient cadet as a future officer who has mastered the basics of warfare and is able to effectively use the acquired knowledge and skills while serving in the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Duration: 4 years

Arrangement of the BOC:

  • Year 1 (Semester 1&2): basic (individual) officer training. Cadets acquire basic military training (an equivalent of the Permanent Compulsory Initial Military Service (PCIMS).
  • Year 2 (Semester 3&4): application of troop leading procedures in small unit tactics and platoon-level defensive and offensive operations.
  • Year 3 (Semester 5&6): application of troop leading procedures in urban warfare; crisis management operations; application of troop leading procedures in company-level defensive and offensive operations; the concept and principles of territorial defence.
  • Year 4 (Semester 8): courses for general competences in accordance with the demand of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and assigned duties (English, instructor, environmental, etc.) followed by military specialization courses given the assigned duties (reconnaissance platoon commander, mechanized infantry platoon commander, indirect fire battery (artillery and minesweeper) commander, military engineering platoon commander, etc.).
Upon successful completion of the BOC, general competences courses and university studies, cadets are commissioned as Second Lieutenants and appointed to the units of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.