Basic Military Training Course for Officers Specialists (BMTCOS)

The course is designed for specialists with higher education required for professional military service in the Lithuanian Armed Forces and who have not completed the compulsory initial military service or otherwise acquired the required basic military training.


The course lasts for 6 weeks and takes place at the Military Academy of Lithuania (MAL), whereas field exercises are held at the central training area of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Most of the training is comprised of theoretical and practical exercises at the MAL (130 hours), including 96 hours for practical exercises at Brigadier General Kazys Veverskis Training Area and 6 hours for complex exam.


The course participants acquire basic theoretical military knowledge and practical skills necessary for military service specialization in the institutions and units of the National Defence System.


After successful completion of the course, specialists receive certificates and supplements approved by the order of the Minister of National Defence, and they are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in accordance with national legislation.

Center for Competence Assessment and Recruitment