Air Force Commander and Junior Staff Officer Course (AFCJSOC)

The Air Force Commander and Junior Staff Officer Course is intended for officers who are planned to be assigned to the office of a battery or squadron commander, unit staff officer or a specialist of the Air Force unit equivalent to a captain (general groups of military specialties, such as air surveillance officer, pilot, fighter aircraft control officer or air operations officer).

The course duration is 400 academic hours (10 weeks). The courses are conducted five days per week. The educative activities last 8 hours per day (recommended structure of daily educative activities: four theoretical and two practical activities, and 2 hours for self-study).
The officers are learning:
  • to apply leadership competences necessary for performance of functions of a battery or squadron commander or an Air Force unit staff officer;
  • the fundamentals of military aviation;
  • the fundamentals of tactics of aviation, air defence and air surveillance;
  • the fundamentals of planning of air operations;
  • to plan an air operation on the level of a battery or squadron by applying procedures of unit control;
  • to apply a military decision-making process, by planning air operations on the level of an Air Force unit;
  • to plan military administrative activities of a battery or squadron.

Center for Competence Assessment and Recruitment