In Memoriam

On 17 April 1996, Senior Lieutenant (Sr Lt) Normundas Valteris, a 23-year-old graduate of the Military Academy of Lithuania, was killed in the NATO peacekeeping mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina whilst conducting a military operation in the vicinity of Maglaj in the northern part of Bosnia.
Normundas Valteris was born on 17 December 1972 in Tukums, Latvia.  In 1991 he finished Baisogala secondary school (Radviliškis district) and performed his military service in the 1st Motorized Assault Brigade “Iron Wolf”. In 1992 he entered the Military Academy of Lithuania and was one of its first graduate officers. In 1994 Normundas Valteris was awarded the rank of lieutenant.
On 19 January 1996, Sr Lt Normundas Valteris, with the Lithuanian peace support platoon LITPLA-4 within the Danish Battalion, participated in the NATO-led Implementation Force (IFOR) peacekeeping mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The all-terrain vehicle with four Lithuanian and Danish soldiers ran over an anti-tank mine on a mountainous road in the northern part of Bosnia. Sr Lt Normundas Valteris and one Danish soldier died in the explosion. Sr Lt Normundas Valteris is buried in Ginkūnai cemetery near Šiauliai.
Sr Lt Normundas Valteris was posthumously granted the 2nd Class Order of the Cross of Vytis and awarded the NATO Medal for service.
In autumn 1998, on the initiative of Sr Lt Normundas Valteris’s friends from the military service, a memorial was unveiled in the courtyard of the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania in Vilnius to commemorate the fallen soldier. The Lithuanian officer’s name is also engraved on the memorial built in Viborg, Denmark, and dedicated to the fallen Danish soldier. To commemorate the 25th anniversary, a memorial stone was unveiled at the place of death, near the town of Maglaj. The funds for this were raised by the Lithuanian officers, Normund's comrades-in-arms and the community of the Lithuanian Military Academy.
Since then, the community of the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania has been cherishing the tradition to pay tribute to Sr Lt Lieutenant Normundas Valteris by placing flowers at the memorial every year on April 17 (the day when he fell), as well as at the start of the academic year, on the Lithuanian Armed Forces Day, and on the All Souls’ Day (November 2).
The historical data about Sr Lt Normundas Valteris, the photos of him and his comrades, as well as his letters from the mission are exhibited in the museum of the Military Academy of Lithuania. Also, an information stand dedicated to Sr Lt Normundas Valteris has been set up in the teaching building of the Military Academy of Lithuania.
In memory of Sr Lt Normundas Valteris: "First in the Name of Peace" (Vytautas the Great War Museum in 2016)

Photos from the personal and friends’ archive