Academy Alumni: why and what are the goals?
More than 2000 officers have graduated from the Military Academy of Lithuania since its establishment in 1992, and many instructors and lecturers with a wide range of experience have been teaching here. During this period, the Academy has matured as a full-fledged institution of higher education and has been inviting officers to become its ambassadors – to share their experiences and success stories, to become voluntary curators of cadets when they need help or more knowledge in a new environment.
Alumni of the Military Academy of Lithuania, from lieutenant to colonel, seek to contribute to the further development of this institution, to help ensure a high level of studies at the Academy, especially in the field of military science, to maintain strong ties both between the members and between them and the Academy, to help the Academy create favourable conditions for cadets to prepare adequately for the service in the Lithuanian military, to strengthen Lithuanian military officers, and to foster military values.

Alley of Fame
In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Military School, the Military Academy of Lithuania looked at this period and captured its most important events, documents, and personalities. The most memorable moments, which allow to learn more about how the Academy has been growing and changing in time, are displayed in the teaching building of the Academy.

Photos by Živilė Kosteckytė